It all started with a boy's dream, a good dose of madness and fresh courage.

Deep in the southern forests, a treetop hut was built in 2018 on a small island in a pond. This was to turn out to be an attraction far beyond what was intended. Many famous people have eventually taken the trip to Treetop Island to enjoy the tranquility that is found here among trees, water, birds and wild animals. A castle with two towers, now ready for tourists to enjoy real luxury inside the heath.

The man behind it all is called Knut Eivind Birkeland. He is a fearless guy with determination and describes himself as a dreamer and that he has more "courage in his chest than wit in his forehead". In 1997 he took over the family farm and had a dream of being able to make a living from it. It is the dreams that drive his projects forward. These dreams have now resulted in a treetop cabin, a castle and three floating tents. Everything can be rented by tourists to have a unique experience.