The Fairytale Castle

If you want a castle holiday, then this is the right thing for you. The booking has now opened, and you are welcome too a luxury adventure in the wilderness with jacuzzi and bathtub
Recommend 2 days here, to really calm down from the hustle and bustle

More pictures of the Castle HERE



If you are interested in a stay who are longer then 3 days, then contact me on and i give you a spesial price


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Cozy and comfortable mornings in Fairytale Castle, The Morning without an alarm

The kitchen is from Hamran carpentry workshop. There are 4 gas burners, oven, dishwasher, refrigerator

In the living room there are 2 large sofas, dining table. There is very good space for 6 people

The floors have underfloor heating that is powered by gas, the power to the cabin comes from a separate small power plant, and solar roof tiles from Skapnes

In the bathroom there is a shower toilet from Geberit and a wonderful shower from Oras

Installed joint strips from Etmann on the towers. I think it is the only castle in Lyngdal and the south that has illuminated towers :)

The Fairytale Castel in Sørlandet in Lyngdal

Winter in the south, castle holidays